A perfect fusion between fashion, culture and heritage

Genuine Spirit

Galoha is authenticity, it is vitality, it is color. It's the magic
of stories and live our natural, cultural and marine heritage through
through fashion.

Cosmopolitan Character - Fusing Styles of the World


Aloha style

This floral Hawaiian style captures the essence of Hawaii's vegetation, so present throughout its eight islands. Her prints predominantly feature flowers such as lily and hibiscus, as well as plants such as monstera delicious and rhapis excelsa. The floral Hawaiian shirt is one of the most iconic Aloha styles and, possibly, along with the scenic one, the most identifying of what is understood as a Hawaiian shirt outside of Hawaii.

At Galoha we fuse this style with icons of our cultural heritage, such as the fento (or fern).


Elei Style

Elei is a traditional art from the Samoan Islands and means design printing on material. It is characterized by being an abstract, geometric and compact drawing, similar to the traditional Polynesian tattoo. Elei art is considered one of the most prized possessions often seen in screen printing, fabrics and art in Samoa.

We fuse the Elei style with canned xoubas (sardines).

Okinawa Island (Kapon)

Kariyushi style

The Batea shirt's print is inspired by the Kariyushi style of Okinawa, Japan. This style is known as the Japanese version of the Hawaiian shirt and emerged to promote tourism to Okinawa. It shows repeated natural motifs such as fish, flowers and fauna. Kariyushi is a word composed of "kari" (lucky) and "yushi" (closer), and expresses a wish that wearing it will bring you fortune.

California (USA)

Vacay Style

The print of the Toxo shirt is inspired by the Vacay style of California, United States. Vacay is the abbreviation of 'vacation', vacation in English. The 'vacay' style originates from California and is characterized by being the discreet and monochromatic version of the Hawaiian shirt that began to become popular in California in the 60s of the 20th century.


Pareu style

The print of the Xacobeo shirt is inspired by the Pareu style of Tahiti. The Pareu print style is inspired by the design of the scarf that women in Tahiti used to wear, tied around their waists and up to their knees. The drawing included images of native tropical and subtropical plants and flowers, such as the water lily and hibiscus.


Stage Style

The print of the Camiños shirt is inspired by the scenic style of the Aloha shirt from Hawaii. The scenic style is one of the most well-known Hawaiian print styles. He is characterized by painting scenes of exotic Hawaii, in the many radiant colors of the islands. It appeared in the 40s of the 20th century.


Oceanic Style

The print on the Barnacle shirt is inspired by the oceanic style of the Aloha shirt from Hawaii. The sea, the seafaring tradition and the waves of Hawaii is such a recurring motif in the Aloha shirt that it has created its own style, called “oceanic”. The oceanic style tells the stories of surfers, fishermen, or canoe paddlers, who ventured through some of the most dangerous stretches of water on earth.

“When I wear my galoha shirt, not only do I feel better, but I'm sure those who notice what I'm wearing feel something too. Such is the power of the galoha spirit

Sustainable Commitment

We select garments made of organic cotton, and dyes free of harmful to the environment and the skin, under GOTS and OEKO-TEX certificates.

Commitment to Culture

We promote our heritage to help in its preservation. We want people to enjoy the energy, confidence and pride of wearing Galoha.

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