A perfect fusion between fashion, culture and heritage


Genuine Spirit

Galoha is authenticity, it is vitality, it is color. It's the magic
of stories and live our natural, cultural and marine heritage through
through fashion.

Cosmopolitan Character - Fusing Styles of the World
“When I wear my galoha shirt, not only do I feel better, but I'm sure those who notice what I'm wearing feel something too. Such is the power of the galoha spirit

Sustainable Commitment

We select garments made of organic cotton, and dyes free of harmful to the environment and the skin, under GOTS and OEKO-TEX certificates.

Commitment to Culture

We promote our heritage to help in its preservation. We want people to enjoy the energy, confidence and pride of wearing Galoha.

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Galoha around the world

Share your trips, your experiences, your discoveries with us. Live the Genuine Spirit Galoha #galohaporelmundo

Sri Lanka