'Velas': it is a new Hawaiian flower shirt made from traditional Galician boats

For this design, we were inspired by the style of the iconic Hawaiian flower shirt to create a Galoha that pays tribute to the traditional boats of Galicia.

Galicia is a fishing community par excellence and traditional boats are part of its heritage. All along the coast you can find different types of boats that have been dedicated to fishing and shellfishing. And so 'Velas' becomes a tour of eleven traditional Galician sailing vessels: gamela, dorna, boat, choupán, buceta, lancha xeiteira, traiñeira, carocho, racú, galleon gallego and sancosmeiro. Among these boats, there are even some that have disappeared, such as the sancosmeiro.


During the creative artistic process, Galoha compiled extensive information about traditional boats, the main ones being the blog entries and publications Bluscus: Marine Tourism in Galicia and Culturar, the Galician Federation for Maritime and Fluvial Culture. Both are recognized and thanked for their work.

For this design we based ourselves on the colors selected for the spring and summer 2022 campaigns at New York and London Fashion Weeks. Again, as with the Dorna design, we wanted to capture the essence of Hawaii's dense and diverse vegetation, so present throughout its islands. The floral Hawaiian shirt is one of the most iconic aloha styles and, possibly, along with scenic, the most identifying of what is understood as a Hawaiian shirt outside of Hawaii.

The Candles design is available in White. Do not miss it! This Candles Hawaiian shirt is available for Man and Woman . Galoha shirts are designed and manufactured in Spain, with 100% organic cotton fabric.

STYLE: Floral – Aloha, Hawaii

The print of the Velas shirt is inspired by the floral style of the Aloha shirt from Hawaii. This style captures the essence of Hawaii's vegetation, so present throughout its eight islands. Her prints predominantly feature flowers such as lily and hibiscus, as well as plants such as monstera delicious and rhapis excelsa. The floral style is one of the most iconic style of the Hawaiian Aloha shirt.

Photo: (1) Monstera plant, (2) Coast of Oahu, Hawaii, (3) Sunset in Waikiki


Eleven traditional sailing boats from Galicia: gamela, dorna, boat, choupán, buceta, lancha xeiteira, traiñeira, carocho, racú, galleón and sancosmeiro.

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