This design celebrates the encounter between one of the symbols of the Galician Rías and the kariyushi shirt, from Okinawa, southern Japan.

The punt is a platform anchored in the sea, a local pride where mussels and other mollusks are raised. This design captures the authentic essence of the Rías meeting the world: a lattice of punts, in a pattern inspired by the kariyushi style, from Okinawa, islands in the south of Japan.

The Batea design is in a Limited Edition of 1,000 units and is for sale in blue. Do not miss it! This Batea printed shirt is available for Men and Women .

STYLE: Kariyushi, Okinawa, Japan

The Batea shirt's print is inspired by the Kariyushi style of Okinawa, Japan. This style is known as the Japanese version of the Hawaiian shirt and emerged to promote tourism to Okinawa. It shows repeated natural motifs such as fish, flowers and fauna. Kariyushi is a word composed of "kari" (lucky) and "yushi" (closer), and expresses a wish that wearing it will bring you fortune.

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Punting is one of the traditional mussel farming techniques. The punt is a floating platform that is anchored in the sea and from which ropes hang for the breeding or cultivation of mussels and other mollusks. The raft consists of a rectangular framework of wooden beams and is kept suspended by a system of floats.

The use of the punt, for the exploitation of mussels, occurs mainly in Galicia, Tarragona and Huelva. In Galicia, the rafts are mainly found in the Rías de Arousa, Vigo, Pontevedra, Muros y Noia and Ares-Betanzos. A total of 3,337 rafts are distributed throughout the five estuaries.

The type of punt shown on the Batea shirt is the old punt, which had a shed on top of the wooden framework to facilitate the work of mussel farmers. The hut offered a shelter and workshop when all the work was done in the punt during the time of rowing boats and when there were no motor boats and mechanized tools.

Photo: (1) Rui Ornelas

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