This design celebrates the meeting between one of the emblems of Galician flora and the vacay shirt of the United States.

The extensive yellow and green landscapes of the coast and mountains of Galicia are due to toxo: a much loved, elegant, simple and strong shrub.

This design brings together the simplicity and character of the Galician landscape, in a print of toxo branches in blue tones, showing its thorns and flower ( charima ).

This design echoes one of the most charismatic shrubs in Galicia and is inspired by the pattern of vacay style shirts from the United States.

The Toxo design is in a Limited Edition of 1,000 units and is for sale in white. Do not miss it! This Toxo printed shirt is available for Men and Women .

STYLE: Vacay, from California, United States

The print of the Toxo shirt is inspired by the Vacay style of California, United States. Vacay is the abbreviation of 'vacation', vacation in English. The 'vacay' style originates from California and is characterized by being the discreet and monochromatic version of the Hawaiian shirt that began to become popular in California in the 60s of the 20th century.

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Toxo is a shrub representative of the coast and mountains of Galicia, forming landscapes of large extensions of a variety of yellows and greens. It is said that toxo is always present since in Galicia there are three types of toxo that bloom at different times of the year. In addition to being part of the Galician ecosystem, the toxo plant is rooted in traditional culture and medicine. The toxo flower has anti-inflammatory properties and is beneficial for liver conditions.

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