This design pays tribute to what they call the seafood of the intrepid: the barnacle. The Barnacle shirt tells of the adversity and risk that barnacles face to extract barnacles from rocks on steep coasts with a lot of waves.

A day of the barnacles is bravery and respect for the sea. Barnacles risk their lives for a delicacy for many, considered the undisputed king of seafood. Due to the characteristics of the waters off the coast of Galicia, the Galician barnacle is a unique product, of unsurpassed quality, distinguishable simply by its flavor.

For this design, Galoha's creative artistic team was inspired by the oceanic style of the Aloha shirt from Hawaii as it offers a variety of shapes and colors that allow the barnacle and waves to be reflected from a fresh and different perspective. Therefore, when selecting the colors for the Barnacle shirt, our design team looked for a soft but striking effect, with a selection of blues for the background in contrast to the deep red of the bunch of barnacles.

Galoha shirts are designed and manufactured in Spain, with 100% organic cotton fabric and wooden buttons. This design is available for Men and Women .

STYLE: Oceanic – Aloha, Hawaii

The print on the Barnacle shirt is inspired by the oceanic style of the Aloha shirt from Hawaii. The sea, the seafaring tradition and the waves of Hawaii is such a recurring motif in the Aloha shirt that it has created its own style, called “oceanic”. The oceanic style tells the stories of surfers, fishermen, or canoe paddlers, who ventured through some of the most dangerous stretches of water on earth.

Photo: (1) Catamaran in Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii - photography by Kvnga, (2) Outrigger canoe, traditional Hawaii



The barnacle is a marine crustacean, famous for its intense sea flavor and highly appreciated for its great culinary quality. The barnacle grows attached to the rocks of steep coasts with a lot of waves. Its extraction is a high-risk task for percebeiros, the people who are dedicated to shellfishing barnacles on the coasts in very adverse conditions.

The barnacle is a succulent and prized delicacy for many. It is considered the undisputed king of seafood in Galicia. Galicia is known inside and outside of Spain for the quality of its seafood. The special characteristics of the waters of the Galician coast mean that the Galician barnacle is of unsurpassed quality, due to its intense sea flavor. This makes the Galician barnacle a unique product, with fame and great culinary prestige and, therefore, in high demand. The exploitation areas that stand out the most for their productivity and quality in Galicia are the towns on the coasts of Ortegal and Costa da Morte, in the province of A Coruña.


Lacking a heart, the barnacle needs to collect oxygen to live off the water, and therefore the best and largest barnacles are on the rocks where the water is coldest and coldest, since there is a greater amount of oxygen. For this reason, the barnacle grows in an overwhelming maritime environment, where sea storms hit the coast viciously, with waves of more than 10 meters, rain and intense winds. The rugged coastline, cliffs and rocky outcroppings with the raging sea beating against the rocks make up the barnacle's identity.

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