This Hawaiian shirt titled ʻPraias', which means "beaches" in Galician, is a tribute to the beaches of Galicia.

The 1,500 km of Galician coastline have extensive white sand beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters. The Galician beaches are recognized as the Galician paradise and for being among the best in Spain. There is a great diversity of beaches: wild or urban, kilometers long or small, sheltered or surrounded by dunes.

For this new creative artistic challenge, the design of the 'Praias' Galoha was inspired by the landscape style of the iconic Aloha shirt, from Hawaii. A selection of beaches was made that represented the north and south coasts of Galicia. And in order to portray the exotic identity of the Hawaiian shirt, a color combination was chosen in which the use of orange stands out for the background terrain.

This Praias Hawaiian shirt is available for Man and Woman . Galoha shirts are designed and manufactured in Spain, with 100% organic cotton fabric.

STYLE: Landscape – Aloha, Hawaii

The print of the Praias shirt is inspired by the landscape style of the Aloha shirt from Hawaii. The Hawaiian landscape style is characterized by painting the exuberance and exoticism of nature of the eight islands of Hawaii, with its volcanoes, waterfalls, valleys and beaches, in full color.

Photo: (1) Monstera plant, (2) Coast of Oahu, Hawaii, (3) Sunset in Waikiki


Eight of the most beautiful beaches in Galicia: As Catedrais, Arealonga, Carnota, Rodas, Melide, Soesto, A Lanzada, A Frouxeira.

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