This Hawaiian shirt titled ʻCamiños', which means "paths" in Galician, is an original tribute to the Caminos de Santiago.

This print captures the charm of the Camino's landscapes and traditions and is inspired by the scenic style of the iconic Aloha (Hawaii) shirt. The Camino de Santiago is recognized worldwide as a meeting place and cultural exchange. Historically it has been known as the “Camino de Santiago” and is now called the “French Camino de Santiago” but currently the term is used to refer to all existing Jacobean routes.

Galoha chose the scenic style of the iconic Aloha (Hawaii) shirt to tell the story and color of the Camino de Santiago, which is one of the icons of Galician culture, and one of its cornerstones towards Spain and the World. Galoha's artistic team worked to cover the iconography of the Trail and also bring to light floral elements, such as Jacobaea vulgaris, known as the pilgrim plant, and which bring the exoticism of Hawaii's scenic shirt to the design.

There are many routes that lead to Santiago, with its yellow arrows and the charm of each landscape, traditions and emblematic points. This shirt celebrates the meeting between one of the world's most important pilgrimages and the Aloha style of the iconic Hawaiian shirt.

The Camiños design is available in Light Blue and Charcoal Grey. Do not miss it! This Camiños Hawaiian shirt is available for Men and Women . Galoha shirts are designed and manufactured in Spain, with 100% organic cotton fabric.

STYLE: Scenic – Aloha, Hawaii

The Camiños shirt print is inspired by the scenic style of Hawaii's Aloha shirt. The scenic style is one of the most well-known Hawaiian print styles. He is characterized by painting scenes of exotic Hawaii, in the many radiant colors of the islands. It appeared in the 40s of the 20th century .

Photo: (1) Monstera plant, (2) Coast of Oahu, Hawaii, (3) Sunset in Waikiki


Routes of the Camino de Santiago and symbols associated with these routes and the Camino, in general.

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