This design represents “o amor á terra” ( the love of one's land ), celebrating the spirit of the interior and the Galician coast, in a print that is inspired by the style of the checked Hawaiian shirt.

In this design the profile of the paintings is defined with the leaf and branches of the camellia ( the lady of Galicia ). Within the paintings the other three motifs are arranged: the leaf of the carballo (predominant tree of the Galician fraga), the yellow-legged gull (typical of the Atlantic Islands) and the spider crab ( the king of Galician seafood ).

For the first design of the Terra shirt we have chosen the coral color because it is characteristic of both the coral that occurs in the Pacific and also because it is reminiscent of the reddish color of the spider crab and the camellia.

The Terra design is in a Limited Edition of 1,000 units and is for sale in coral color. Do not miss it! This Terra Hawaiian shirt is available for Men and Women .

STYLE: Plaid – Aloha, Hawaii

The print of the Terra shirt is inspired by the checkered style of the Aloha shirt from Hawaii. The plaid print is one of the lesser-known 'Aloha' styles. This style is inspired by the print of the bandanna worn by Hawaiian sailors and includes motifs from the flora and fauna of Hawaii.

Photo: (1) Monstera plant, (2) Coast of Oahu, Hawaii, (3) Sunset in Waikiki


The name camellia is used for both the flower and the shrub that gives rise to this flower. The camellia bush is native to China and Japan, and has a highly branched trunk, shiny leaves and white, reddish or pink flowers. It is considered the “lady of Galicia” for being one of its most romantic flowers, and for being, at first, an ornamental plant exclusive to the castles, manors and stately homes of the Galician nobility.

The carballo oak is one of the most symbolic trees of Galicia. It is robust, with a majestic bearing, and can reach more than 40 m in height. Depending on the altitude of the area and the soil conditions, the carballo can become the dominant tree in the Galician fraga, coexisting with other species such as chestnut trees, thorns and laurels, among others. In the carball forests ( carballeiras ), popular festivals used to be held, with food, wine, music and dancing, a tradition that still endures in many villages and towns in Galicia.

Photo: (2) Nendos Nemitos

Yellow-legged Gull
The yellow-legged gull is one of the most abundant seabirds on the coasts of the entire Iberian Peninsula. It is one of the strongest and most robust gulls in Europe, with 55-67 cm in length and 130-158 cm in wingspan. Around 30,000 pairs gather annually on the steep cliffs of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia for reproduction and breeding.

spider crab
The spider crab is a marine crustacean, considered the “king of Galician seafood”. It differs from the rest of the varieties by having a darker red shell, covered with small algae, mollusks and villi, and with longer and sharper legs. Its capture is small and limited in time to the months of November to June.

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