This design celebrates the meeting between a Galician maritime icon and the Hawaiian shirt of leaves and flowers.

The dorna is the typical fishing boat of Galicia. Traveling along the Galician coast you find a landscape that welcomes you: moored dornas floating in the sea, docked in port or stationed on the sand of the beach.

This design is inspired by the iconic Hawaiian shirt pattern of leaves and flowers. In this design we dared to go beyond the Galician flora and play with the shape of two dornas and a gamela tied together to create a shape reminiscent of a Hawaiian leaf.

The Dorna design is in a Limited Edition of 1,000 units and is for sale in green. Do not miss it! This Dorna Hawaiian shirt is available for Men and Women .

STYLE: Floral – Aloha, Hawaii

The print of the Dora shirt is inspired by the floral style of the Aloha shirt from Hawaii. This style captures the essence of Hawaii's vegetation, so present throughout its eight islands. Her prints predominantly feature flowers such as lily and hibiscus, as well as plants such as monstera delicious and rhapis excelsa. The floral style is one of the most iconic style of the Hawaiian Aloha shirt.

Photo: (1) Monstera plant, (2) Coast of Oahu, Hawaii, (3) Sunset in Waikiki


The dorna is completely made of wood and measures approximately 4.50 meters in length and 1.50 meters in width. Various studies indicate that it is of Viking origin, and is a smaller-scale copy of the longship, a boat that the Vikings used in the frequent invasions that attempted to besiege Santiago de Compostela in the Early Middle Ages.

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